Where did summer go?

It seems like just yesterday I was making plans to plant my vegetable garden, visit family and take a “small break” from work. Now we are already in the third week of August!

Summer time is busy for families but once the school year resumes, life seems to advance at warp speed. I remember the days of running to events, and trying to plan those events, around everyone’s busy schedule.

Those days are gone for me,  for I am an empty-nester. But nonetheless, autumn has its issues which affect us all.

And number one on the list, is the dreaded flu.

Parents will face it on a daily basis with germs galore being passed from student to student. The concern though is greater for those most vulnerable such as infants, those individuals immune suppressed and the elderly.

So what can do to prepare ourselves?

In my next article, I will share some simple steps you can take to protect yourself and love ones as we enter this next wonderful season.

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